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    Who Are We?

    Imversed is a decentralized infrastructure for the XR-land metaverse, forging a new dimension where physical and virtual merge, letting users enjoy and grow their dreams.

    Introducing Imversed.World

    Imversed.World is a virtual world with XR-lands mapped onto reality

    Imversed World: Explorer Map

    OneExplore the Metaverse

    Imversed World: NFT XR-Lands

    OneBecome an NFT XR-Land Owner

    Imversed World: Monetization

    OneMonetize the Metaverse

    Imversed World: Blockchain

    OneIt's Yours Forever!

    The Building Blocks

    Metaverse as a Service

    Imversed is building an XR-land metaverse and making it accessible for anyone, from any app or game, from anywhere.

    Imversed platform can provide games and app developers with a high-speed, no gas fee environment by combining the best L1 and L2 blockchain solutions.

    Augmented reality

    Imversed XR-Lands

    Imversed.World is divided into areas of approx. 100m2 plots mapped in a 1-to-1 ratio with the actual geography of our world. Much like web domains, ownership of Imversed XR-lands (which are hybrid NFTs) grants you control of the AR experiences around your physical location.

    Imversed GEO-mapping еechnology

    Imversed GEO Mapping Technology

    Land mapping is integral to augmented reality and can ensure that virtual objects are accurately placed in physical space.


    NFTs and Coins

    Imversed platform makes it easy to explore and collect NFTs of all kinds, from music and video to art and 3D animation. You can even create your coin in a few clicks.



    Avatar is your digital identity. Create your avatar and personalize it with the assets and accessories you love most to stand apart in the Imversed Community. Are you a fashion designer, artist, or clothes stylist? There is a lot of space to perform in Imversed Metaverse - sell your clothes & accessories as NFT wearables.

    No-code dashboard

    No-Code Blockchain

    No-Code Dashboard is a professional Blockchain designer for people who don't have coding skills. Our platform enables you to create items (like coins, NFTs, or lands) without much effort.


    Imversed SDK

    Thanks to our SDK, creators can use an expressive tool to connect their 3D assets, experiences, and play-to-earn games to the blockchain and spatial domains defined by Imversed and mapped with Imversed GEO Mapping Technology.



    Bridge to ETH
    through OSMOSIS


    NFT Lands concept preview. Listing NFTs on OpenSea through proxy contract


    Avatar, open format for transferring avatars between games


    Game Connecting Dashboard v1


    Open source game release with avatars, lands, etc. All code is open-source for our partners


    GEO-attached lands prototype


    Lands customization with NFTs


    NFT Galleries, Exhibitions and Halls of Fame


    Rental market for lands


    Transportation units preview: bikes, cars, trucks and helicopters


    AR/VR support*

    Get involved

    Join Our Global Community

    Imversed wants to make Metaverse accessible to everyone to express your style, create a new experience, enjoy, and grow their dreams. Imversed is open for any form of communications where we are connected by a common desire to share information about the virtual world we would like to live and play.

    Provide Input On A New Or Revised Standard

    Ensure that standards represent diverse perspectives and utilize the best in current technology by providing feedback on a potential standard or working group.

    Participate in Imversed

    Imversed solves practical problems and has a worldwide impact. Participate in an initiative and help bring this work to life by joining the community and/or by purchasing IMV coins on the early stages.


    Let’s connect your app to the Metaverse!


    Build NFT games or apps

    Imversed SDK, a robust API, and development tools help you create NFT-powered apps with zero blockchain coding experience and minimal server/gas cost

    Great UX to manage your NFTs

    Imversed has a user-friendly visual interface to help you create and manage blockchain assets quickly

    Turn your gaming assets into NFTs with Imversed today!


    Virtual XR-Land = Real Deal!

    XR-Land Investors

    Start small

    Buy a plot of land in the metaverse and build whatever you like.


    Just like “real” real estate, virtual real estate is an investment.

    Join the waitlist to be the first when the sales start!

    Game Enthusiasts

    Supercharge your gaming experience!

    Game Enthusiasts

    Buy and trade in-game assets.

    Imagine that you are able to trade your NFT-based avatar, game assets, such as guns, swords, skins, etc.

    Influence game economy

    Up to the community to decide what the game economy will look like.

    Join a like-minded community to stay up-to-date and never miss perks!



    We have a partnership with HTC, one of the world's leading technology vendors, which enables us to collaborate on delivering premier technology services as well as offering advice on blockchain adoption. HTC engaged partners:

    Oasis Labs


    Imversed is a collaboration of like-minded people from different fields of expertise: savvy entrepreneurs, experienced marketers, distinguished engineers, game developers, and graphic designers.

    We are bound by the passion for innovative technologies, together we bring decades of extensive experience from major Fortune 500 companies to the world of electronic games.

    Tim Chen

    Timothy Chen

    Decentralized Chief Officer

    Joseph Lin

    Joseph Lin


    HTC Viveport  Joseph's LinkedIn Profile
    Alex Su

    Alex Su


    Alex's LinkedIn Profile

    Johnson Chiang

    Head of PR

    Johnson's LinkedIn Profile
    Ed Ow

    Ed Ow


    Ed's LinkedIn Profile
    Alan Chen

    Alan Chen


    Val B.

    Val B.


    Val's LinkedIn Profile


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